Cinema Of The Arts: The Blade

The Flurbdini Church of Toku

Crazy how Kamen Rider Blade the only bad Blade.

Greetings my Childer, it is I, Reverend Flurbdini, here once again to speak unto you the great words of factuality and righteousness. This sermon shalt begin a new series of sermons, known as ‘Cinema Of The Arts’, pertaining to, exclusively, films of the martial art genre. THis, the first of what I hope to be many, pertains to a firm known as ‘The Blade’.

This film was quite something. From the cast’s execution, to the backstage information i learned about, this movie was all around a wild ride. Do note that this is a SPOILER review, i will be talking about important plot points and different scenes, some in detail.

Firstly, the premise of the movie is almost ever changing. In the beginning, it was told from the perspective of Siu Ling, the daughter of a foundry owner. She had a…

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